Robert S. Goldstein V.M.D
Susan J. Goldstein

About Healing Center for Animals

Who We Are

Dr. Robert and Susan Goldstein founded the Healing Center for Animals. The Goldstein’s are compassionate, healers and educators who offer expert advice, products and nutritional services.  They have over thirty-five years of clinical experience treating animals using "The Goldstein Nutrition Plan", a safe and highly effective program for the perpetuation of wellness.

We believe that diseases originate from inflammation resulting from; poor genetics, poor quality or toxic foods, nutritional imbalances, the over use of drugs and vaccines, environmental and house-hold poisoning and relationship stress such as well as grief and loss. These factors, referred to as ‚”Toxic Factor Syndrome” are the main culprits contributing to immune system suppression and disease development. The proper identification of these "toxic factors", the reduction in this "silent' inflammation and the nutritional support of existing imbalances result to a pathway for healing and increased longevity.

The Healing Center for Animals can help your animal detoxify, reduce inflammation, thereby setting the stage for healing. Our unique evaluation programs provide an individualized or a customized program, which act as a spark plug for your animal's body and immune system.

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