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Thank you!

Apollo was diagnosed with Cushing’s Decease in 2008. In June 2009 Apollo was rushed to the emergency room because he collapsed. He was diagnosed with a massive blood clot in his pulmonary artery, I was told by the attending Veterinary that I should think about putting him to sleep. I called Apollo's traditional veterinary and they agreed with the emergency hospital.

I was devastated, I did not want to lose Apollo, he still had lots of life left in him just a day before. I called Dr. Bob and once again he gave me the best advice I had ever gotten. He told me to go see Apollo and ask him what he wants. I went to see Apollo that afternoon; he was in an oxygen cage so he could breath better. I opened up the cage and immediately he walked out upon my lap and gave me the most enthusiastic kisses he had ever given me. I decided that I had to do what ever I could for him, he wasn't ready to go yet. I spoke to the attending Veterinarian and asked them, what are the options. I was told that the blood clot in his artery would not go away and that he would have problems for the rest of his life.

The next person I called was Dr. Bob; I sent him all Apollo’s blood work and diagnosis. Three days later Apollo came home and I started Apollo on a custom blended nutrients. I also built an oxygen chamber for him just in case he needed one (which he never had to use).

Three months later Apollo went back to the cardiologist for a checkup and they were amazed on how well he looked and how perky he was. After his ultra sound, to see how the clot was doing, I was called into the exam room and the cardiologist had this surprise look on his face. He said to me “If I had not seen the clot for myself the first time, I would have to say it was never there to begin with.” I looked at him and asked, “Why?”. He showed me the ultra sound photos and there was no blood clot, not even a trace.

Once again I owe the health and happiness of my animals to Dr. Bob, Susan, and Melissa at Healing Center for Animals.

Apollo is doing well on his new Cushing’s medication and still on Dr. Bobs wellness program and I would not have it any other way.

Thank you again
Greg Hagler

Dear Healing Center,

I can not thank you all enough for helping give my best friend one last great year of his life. Harley was diagnoses with Lymphoma on December 20, 2004. Dr. Bob's name was given to me by both Harley's regular vet and Oncologist. By starting him right away on your nutritional profile was the best thing I did for him. During his chemo treatments, which I thought would be devastating to him, since I was told that he would have diarrhea and vomiting and will not feel well after the chemo, that did not really happen. Harley was healthier, except for the cancer, than he had been in his entire life. His coat was shinier, thicker and he even stopped itching and no more hot spots, which he had all his life. His teeth became whiter and breath better, his over all sprit was great. Harley's regular vet and Oncologist both told me that they were really surprised on how well and how long Harley lived after getting diagnosed with cancer even with the chemo. Harley passed on January 6, 2006. I want to thank you all for giving Harley two more Christmas's, because one of his favorite things in the whole world was helping me open presents. Since seeing the results with Harley, I now have had the NBT done with all my dogs and they are all doing great.

This picture is of Harley while under going chemo. This is my favorite picture of him with that great big smile on his face. I believe this was taken in September 2005.

Thank you HCFA. We consider you all part of our family.

Jamie Keever

Thank You!!!

"An Act of Kindness is Long Remembered"

Riley, Lobo, Jewel, Ronin, Shi-Loh, Shadow, Bear, Dago, Spirit, Kexi, Cinder, Arrow, Mason, Raven, Timber and Little Bit.

The image on the right is from Riley (a Wolf) . You may click on the photo to view a larger image of Riley's paw print.

Dear Dr. Bob and Susan

I recently purchased your book “The Goldstein's’ Wellness and Longevity Program. Thanks to you and your book my boxer is now a much happier lady.

Prior to reading your book I followed the western allopathic regimen of caring for my boxer. She has received all of her shots, taken Iverhart every month, and has been treated with K9 Advantix every month.

All that has changed. I even changed what I feed her. She gets your Daily Health nuggets and your Internal Powder Tablets, I even wash her with an all natural doggy shampoo.

She has always had plenty of energy but now she has quality energy, not just quantity energy. She is better behaved and doing much better with her training.

All these wonderful improvements are thanks to you. She smell’s better and her coat is much more shiny and softer.

Thank you for helping me help my boxer Lady!!!!
God Bless You!

Megan G.

There are no words for what Dr, Bob and Susan did for “Jackson” and our family. They have changed our lives.

Thank you
Jill & Mark M.

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